Personal Data Protection Rules


Identification No. 36558028

with its registered office at Královská 8, 927 01 Šala

(hereinafter the ‘Company’)


is aware of the importance of personal data protection for personal privacy, and therefore has adopted the following Personal Data Protection Rules:

We undertake to comply with the primary regulations in this area – Regulation (EU) No 2016/679 (hereinafter the ‘GDPR’) and the Personal Data Protection Act 101/2000 as amended – and to respond to any other legislation in this field.

Pursuant to current legislation, we are not obligated to create a position of Data Protection Officer (DPO). The Company’s statutory body is responsible for making the Company’s operations compliant with the GDPR and the subsequent observation of the applicable rules.

The Company only collects and processes the personal data of subjects for the purpose of its activities.

Processing Operations Records are kept with regards to personal data processing and include, among other information, the reasons for processing, legal titles, and periods of personal data deposition. These records are used to facilitate the exercising of rights by data subjects.


  1. Contact Data

VINCI ENERGIES SK, s.r.o. is the personal data controller.


Contact data for matters concerning personal data protection:

  1. Email:                          
  2. Correspondence address:  Královská 8, 927 01 Šala


  1. Personal Data Processing Table

The complete personal data processing table, which is available for viewing at the Company’s registered office, is compiled in the structure specified below:

Processing title Processing purpose Personal data category Legal title Legal title detailed description Deposition period Other recipients Data source
  1. Processing explanation

Legal titles – justifications for processing; defined in the GDPR, Articles 6 and 9.

Deposition period – the period for which we are entitled or obliged to process and store your data.

Other recipients – the other recipients (processors, shared administrators) to whom we may we hand over your data.

Data source – the source from which we collected your personal data.

We do not intend to hand over your personal data to other recipients outside the EU.

When processing is based on the legal title ‘Conclusion or Performance of the Contract’, we need your personal data to conclude a contract and to subsequently perform it; without your personal data it is not possible to conclude the contract.

When processing is based on the legal title ‘Legal Obligation’, we need to process your personal data according to legal requirements for a period of time specified by law (or other regulation), and we must not restrict processing or erase data during such period.

We will only process your personal data for the purposes listed in this table.

  1. Description of data subject rights

As a data subject (a natural person whose personal data is processed), you have the following rights in relation to your personal data:

Right Elaboration
Acquire an extract This is an extract of the data we maintain about you, and this is the so-called right of access. The extract shall be made in a common format according to our capacities.

In certain exceptional cases, we are not permitted to make an extract, including cases involving documents whose disclosure would jeopardise the rights and freedoms of others, cases that would involve the disclosure of the personal data of other persons, cases requiring the protection of trade secrets, cases involving intellectual property, etc.

Demand rectification


If you find that we are keeping inaccurate, obsolete, or incomplete information about you, you can demand its rectification or amendment.
Demand erasure


We must erase the personal data we have stored after the lapse of the specified storage period, or once we have no valid legal title to maintain such data.

We may not erase date based on laws pertaining to cases where data processing is carried out for the purpose of contract performance or legal obligations.

Demand restricted processing This right concerns processing for legitimate interests.

Restriction of processing occurs when an objection is filed, and shall remain in force for the period during which the objection is being assessed.

Object to processing An objection may be filed if data processing is performed due to a legitimate interest.
Revoke consent to processing This is only possible in cases in which processing is performed based on consent. If you have provided your consent for processing and you revoke it, data processing will be terminated.
Acquire an extract in a portable format


You may only request an extract in a portable format for data processing based on legal titles, i.e. contract performance and consent.

You may request an extract only of the data that you have provided to us, and which we keep in electronic form. We will hand this extract over to you in the xls format.

Object to automated decision-making We do not perform any processing based on automated decision-making.



  1. Manner of exercising rights

If you want to exercise any of the rights listed above, you may file an application in any of the following manners:

At our registered office, your identity will be verified according to your identity card or passport, you will fill in an application, and an application settlement date will be provided. No application will be accepted without identity verification.

As of the date of processing, you will be provided with a written Application Result Notification and related materials after undergoing identification once again.

We are entitled to charge a fee corresponding to administrative costs in the event of a request for more than one copy;

however, the actions relating to the exercise of data subject rights shall be performed free of charge.

However, if applications are found to be blatantly groundless or inadequate (in particular with regard to repeated applications), then we may require a reasonable fee taking into account the administrative costs associated with the processing or rejection of such requests.

If you would like to file an application electronically:

  1. Please send it by email to with a valid electronic signature.
  2. Please send it from your data box to the data box of our Company.

Please include the following information your application:

  1. Identification data – name, surname, date of birth
  2. The right you are applying to exercise – see the section ‘Description of data subject rights’ above
  3. Detailed explanation of your request – for example, in the case of data rectification
  4. Telephone number – should more details be required or should an agreement on how to proceed need to be arranged